Barcelona’s Magic Scenarios For Concerts

The crisis in the music industry has brought some good things to the amateur public: due to the fall in the sales of the physical format has meant that artists and producers put all their energies in live performances. Going to a concert is no longer going to a recital where the artist interprets their songs in direct format, now it’s a whole experience.

If we add to this musical experience an incomparable setting such as the city of Barcelona, we are talking about an entire party for the senses in which the desire to party, feeling the music and the group celebration make the event something memorable. We do not doubt that this adrenaline rush can be lived in the same way in a bar or small format stage, but this is a unique experience. So what are the most magical scenarios to enjoy live music in Barcelona?

Poble Espanyol: Wide range of plans and cultural & musical offer

The Poble Espanyol ceased to be a tourist attraction long ago without to become a festival for the senses. Surrounded by wonderful reproductions of charming corners form all over the country, the venue gives way to its charming “Plaza Mayor” for the celebration of macroevents always planned to detail.

Thus, we can enjoy electronic music during the whole year with the whole family as it was done at the Brunch -in the city or other spectacular performances such as those proposed by the Hivernacle Pop Up club in Barcelona, where music, audiovisual proposals, gastronomy and amazing plans live together.

When to enjoy this scenario: especially on Sundays, when events like the Brunch-in the city or Hivernacle Pop Up Club make events that are not just focused on the tourists, but the locals, so they can enjoy good music and the best atmosphere.

La Font Mágica: an historical place

In rare occasions we have the opportunity to enjoy an incredible show as the one that the Font Mágica is, but when it happens, it certainly makes memories.

At the base of Montjuïc and with the National Palace in the background, the music approaches a stage in which there is no lack of stimulation for all the senses, and as token of this we must only remember the epic performance of the beloved Freddie Mercury and the great Montserrat Caballé singing the anthem of what are probably the best Olympics ever held.

When to enjoy this scenario: only during the festivals of La Mercé. The rest is subject to special events such as the festival that was held to promote the Olympics and that left us the aforementioned performance of Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé for the memory.

Playa de la Barceloneta or Bogatell: to embrace the Mediterranean

These two sites, with the Fòrum’s facilities, are the perfect place to feel the summer and the pure Mediterranean spirit of the Catalan capital.

The connection between music, with the city on one side, the sea on the other and the sand touching our feet make any concert held in these spots becomes a sensation.

When to enjoy this scenario: the beaches of Barcelona are a recurring space for concerts and special evenings in the summer, such as those made by the OBC (Barcelona orchestra). Every year, the brewer Estrella Damm organizes a macro-concert on the occasion of the celebrations of the local festivity of La Mercé.

The Olympic ring: the Olympus of music

The space that was the capital of the sport has almost entirely handed over its leading role to music. Thus, it is here where we find the podium of the concerts to be celebrated in Barcelona: from the bronze of the Sant Jordi Club, the silver of the Palau Sant Jordi and finally the gold of the Olympic Stadium, this star of the music venues gathers around 50,000 faithful fans.

All this in a space where time does not pass, Barcelona welcomes you and makes you fall in love after each show, and in which the magnitude of each space is likely to come accompanied by a whole set of scenarios and resources beyond of memorable music.

When to enjoy this scenario: it will not be difficult to consult the agenda of concerts in Barcelona and find a group that acts every week in one of these venues.