How To Enjoy A Huge Concert In Barcelona

Barcelona is a capital city whose cultural offer is wide: from museums to theater. Amid all this offer we cannot forget the, being Barcelona one of the mandatory stops in European tours of maingroups and international artists, from Madonna, U2, Beyoncé and any pop idol, fromBruce Springsteen, particularly lovedin Barcelona, toany other “dinosaur” of the international rock scene. How to experience a huge concert in the Catalan capital?

Find a suitable housing

Rock stars live in spectacular hotels, but ordinary citizens can live in luxury apartments without paying a fortune for each star. In addition, we can use the macro event and spend a few days more exploring the city. There are a lot of apartment to rent for short term in Barcelona along the most strategic places in the city that allow you to enjoy sightseeing in a quiet place nearby the concert, so you don’t  suffer the return.


Knowing the environment previously

It’s a general practice to visit the city centreand other tourist places like the SagradaFamilia during the day and move to the concert venues a few hours before. This is obviously not a bad plan, but everyone can get on nerves looking about the time of the event and seeing how there arestill several Metro stops toreach the concert.

Therefore, we can devote the afternoon to explore the surroundings and thus control not to be late nor see the stage from the last row.

The main concert venues in Barcelona are located in tourist areas.Just the two stadiums of the two city teams (Camp Nou and Cornella-El Prat) are located in some remote areas. The rest (Olympic Stadium and Palau Sant Jordi on Montjuic, Palau de la Música and Liceu in the historical district, Apollo near the Colón monument, and Razzmatazz near the area of the Agbar Tower and Ciutadella Park) are easily includable in the tourist circuit and allows us to be close to our favorite artists at every moment.

Have a plan B

Tourism in the morning, in the afternoon concert and … What to do when we leave the concert? After finishing the event you usually look like a “zombie” and start walking with no direction. Do you know what to do next? If we’re staying several days, return to our apartment is not a bad choice (although Barcelona is a city with a great nightlife), but if we want to make the most of our time in Barcelona, you should always have an ace up in your sleeve and a plan until sunrise.

Just wherethe concert is held, there are often tourist places or they are usually close to leisure zones. A good advice is to havelocated a restaurant whichcloses the kitchen lateor a fast food restaurant (not the most advisable gastronomically talking, but surely you will not miss a hamburger or kebab to fill your stomach) and after satiate your hunger, go to the trendy disco or the most cosmopolitan pubs of the city. Most of the times, (Razzmatazz, Apolo…) you do not even have to leave the venue of the concert.